Property law

Law firm "MITREV-G" has managed to establish itself over the years in the field of property law and has helped many of its clients to clarify and resolve their problems in private ownership.

Ownership and related issues affect every member of the modern society. That is why the cases related to the rights and obligations of people in the property are the most prevalent.

For this purpose, we give our clients advice and legal protection of:

   - Ownership and with ownership of real estate and / or property;

   - Determination of the partition between the co-owners;

   - The rights and obligations arising from a condominium;

   - Restriction on ownership;

   - Rights over another's property;

   - Possession; security of tenure; obzshtetenie use and usage;

   - The acquisition of ownership through a legal transaction - sale;

   - Grant, contract maintenance and care;

   - The acquisition of ownership by prescription;

   - Protection of property rights;

   - Alienation of real property for state and municipal needs;

   - Entries in the land register and cadastre;

Prepare the necessary documents for voluntary division and partition itself.

Initiate cases on protection of property and interests of individuals and the performance of the division by the court.

We offer full assistance in removing the documents required for the authorization of use (Act 16) and the introduction into service of new buildings;

Do not hesitate to seek timely and competent advice!



Bringing a civil action

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Company Registration - such as SP, LTD and PLC

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