Labor law

In the field of labor law, law firm "MITREV-G" offers competent legal defense. We have extensive experience in litigation.
The firm provides advice to employers in relation to:
- Preparation of contracts;
- The establishment of short-time working;
- Overtime;
- Provision of safe and healthy working conditions;
- To impose disciplinary and financial liability of employees;
The firm provides advice to employees in relation to:
- Claims against unfair dismissal;
- Reinstatement;
- Severance suffered an accident at work;
- Financial liability of the employer;
- Assistance for non-payment of compensation;
Do not hesitate to seek timely and competent advice!

Bringing a civil action

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Company Registration - such as SP, LTD and PLC

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"MITREV-G" is one of the first firms on the Bulgarian Real Estate Market

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