Inheritance law

We at law firm "MITREV-G" are ready to offer its clients - a difficult time for them - timely and accurate legal advice on succession.
We give the following legal advice and perform appropriate legal action regarding:
- Determination of the shares;
- Clarify the procedure and rights by inheritance;
- Clarify the rights inheritance by will;
- Preparation of a will - handwritten and notarized;
- Challenge a will;
- Opening of the heritage;
- Adopt and waiver;
- Voluntary and judicial partition of inheritance;
- Donation; 
- Contract for care and maintenance;
- Litigation and legal representation to reduce the testamentary dispositions and donation contracts in cases provided by law, which is impaired preserved part of the inheritance;
In this regard, we have written several articles published by us and the site.
Do not hesitate to seek timely and competent advice!

Bringing a civil action

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