Family law

Law firm "MITREV-G" offers a wide range of legal services in the field of family law. Our guiding principle is to satisfy professional and timely legal needs of customers. Understanding of their real needs related to family law, and proposed our mediation for amicable settlement of the dispute, a sense of satisfaction among customers and establish long-term relationship with him.
We offer advice and representation before the Court at:
- Divorce by mutual consent and general order;
- Veshtnopravni property claims after the divorce;
- Claims for a greater share of the property acquired during the marriage;
- Initial determination of support, as well as its collection involuntarily;
- A dispute over custody;
- Mode of access between parents and children;
- Replacing a parent's consent to judgment - in taking the child outside the Republic of Bulgaria;
- Restriction and deprivation of parental rights in the cases provided by law;
- Complete and incomplete adoption;
- Works to increase initially awarded alimony.
- Еstablish the origin, Recognition; 
- Claiming descent.
Marriage contract is a written agreement between the future and / or current spouses, ie even when already married can sign a marriage contract. Through It regulates property relations both during and at the termination of the marriage, and this in a manner chosen by both spouses.
Usually specified in the contract for each property either acquired before marriage, and their debts, what would be their property relations during the marriage, how will acquire ownership will be future property during the marriage, how to allocate household expenses and child support. The marriage contract can also specify the division of property and payment of maintenance from one to the other spouse in the event of divorce.
Law firm "MITREV-G" offers preparation of marriage contracts, their certification before a notary and registration according to law.
  In the area of family law services provided by the following nature:
- Preparation of agreement and representation before the court in a divorce by mutual consent;
- Representation before the court in a divorce in a civil action;
- Preparation of a marriage contract;
- Clarification of property relations between the spouses;
- Clarification of personal relationships between parents and children;
- Claims for maintenance;
- Procedure for adoption;
- Establishment of guardianship.

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