Civil law

Anyone can claim to restore their rights when it is broken or to establish the existence or non-existence of a legal relationship or of a right, where there is interest in this.
In extensive and comprehensive areas of civil law firm offers its clients a number of complex legal services:
  - Preparation of applications, Written answers, Family appeals, objections;
  - Bringing a civil cases;
  - Drafting of contracts, deeds;
  - Partition of an immovable property - voluntary and court;
  - Protection against default on contracts;
  - Ineffectiveness (null and invalid) contracts;
   - Preparation of powers of attorney; declarations, etc..;
   - Plea of limitation;
   - Statement of deduction and set-off;
  - For civil state:
     - Prenup and sledbrachni contracts;
     - Registration of the split community property;
     - Matrimonial actions - divorce by mutual consent and divorce in a civil action;
     - Establishment of origin;
     - Custody and maintenance.
- Registration of legal non-profit organizations (associations, foundations, JAC, etc..).
The firm has a large practice in winning lawsuits in a number of civil disputes before all courts.
Do not hesitate to seek timely and competent advice!

Bringing a civil action

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Company Registration - such as SP, LTD and PLC

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"MITREV-G" is one of the first firms on the Bulgarian Real Estate Market

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