Аdministrative law

We have the necessary experience and expertise to adequately protect the violated your rights and interests involved at all instances.

Offer protection from municipality NRA CCP, CPC, Traffic, SNCC and others. For this purpose we We are doing:

Challenging the administrative order and the court of appeal:
- Administrative acts
- Penal provisions
- Inspection acts
- Acts of administrative violation was (AEAV)

Judicial review of:
- Judgments
- Acts which are not subject to challenge by administrative order

Have the right to challenge individuals and organizations whose rights, freedoms or legitimate interests are violated or threatened.

Our customers should be aware that the deadlines for filing an appeal against unlawful administrative act are missing their winding and extinguishes the right of appeal. In this respect it should be remembered that the challenged administrative action within 14 days of their notification, and when there is a tacit refusal - the deadline is one month from the expiry of the period within which the administrative authority was required to rule.

When the situation has been void, the challenge is no time limit.

Do not hesitate to seek timely and competent advice!

Bringing a civil action

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Company Registration - such as SP, LTD and PLC

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"MITREV-G" is one of the first firms on the Bulgarian Real Estate Market

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