Deals with real Estate

In Lawyer firm MITREV-G deal almost 30 years with the real estate market. We employ consultants who built his expertise in real estate, ready to give you the best solution to the relevant property.
We can give you expert legal advice from a lawyer with experience in solving the following issues:
- Advice and drafting of contracts in connection with the ownership and limited real rights (the right to use, right to work, right to addition and extension easement)
- Real estate transactions - purchases, sales, donation, lease, exchange, mortgage, pledge, etc..; -Legal analysis of property records for lack of weights, foreclosures, mortgages and more.;
- Consultation on real estate investments;
- Tax advisory and risk in real estate transactions;
- Assist in procedures urban changes;
- Advice on the requirements of the procedure for construction and support and perform all actions on the approval of projects by the administration / municipality and concluding such agreements with companies suppliers of electricity, water, gas, heating, etc..;
- Legal representation in civil cases before all levels of court and enforcement proceedings in disputes relating to ownership of real estate and other limited rights;
- Full cooperation and organization of mortgage loans for the purchase of property.
- Advice regarding the restitution of nationalized property;
- Legal certainty of title proceedings;
- Advice regarding the preparation of the necessary documents to the notary, according to customer drawing and procurement of the necessary documents;
- Background checks for the acquisition of real property by adverse possession;
- Preparation of powers of attorney, declarations, etc.;
- Property-legal status of the property;
- Legal transactions relating to the acquisition and disposition of real estate, including their tax and financial aspects;
- Preliminary agreements for sale and purchase of property and declaring them outright by the courts;
- Establishing the right to work;
- Voluntary and judicial partition of co-owned property;
- Termination of the legal transactions of nullity or invalidity;
- Assistance in obtaining compensation for failure to comply with clauses of the preliminary or final contract;
- Lease and lease;
- Contract management and maintenance;
- Construction contracts, obtaining planning permission, change of land status;
- Restitution claims;
- Investment projects and representation of major infrastructure projects.

Real estate and construction:
- Preparation of preliminary agreements and deeds in connection with the acquisition of ownership or limited real rights on real estate.
- Inquiries the legal status of property, rights of third parties on them, checks for encumbrances / foreclosures, mortgages listed applications /.
- Preparation of leases of real property.
- Termination of contracts, including deeds.
- Legal advice on real estate co-ownership regime.
- Legal advice relating to the acquisition of state and municipal property and tendering procedures.
- Legal advice and participation in negotiations between owners and construction companies for land acquisition, completed projects, projects in development and upcoming construction.
- Perform all services related to land purchase, building design, approval of architectural plans, issuing of a building permit, signing of the accession treaty with the companies service - electricity, water, heating, gas, etc.., Including obtaining authorization for use of the building.
- In construction firm provides full legal service on legal requirements for construction, including dispute resolution in court.

We offer full assistance in removing and assembling the documents necessary for the authorization to use (Act 16) and the introduction into service of new buildings.

Do not hesitate to seek timely and competent advice!

Bringing a civil action

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Company Registration - such as SP, LTD and PLC

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"MITREV-G" is one of the first firms on the Bulgarian Real Estate Market

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