Why change our business

      As the business grows the need for changes in companies. They are driven by different economic and purely worldly reasons, upon which stands the need for reorganization and prestruktorirane commercial enterprises of one or more companies, or transition from one legal form of enterprise to another.     

      Common changes with significant application in commercial practice both at home and in economically developed countries, generally speaking , are merging or division of companies with limited liability. This is done by transferring property from holding one of the owners of the other or from one company to another.      

     In case neredki namely those owners holding shares in a limited liability company (LLC), because of their desire to terminate their participation in the company transferred its share of the total assets of the other partners as they sell it. In other case, they decided to divide this common property, shifting its separate units in their newly -man limited companies (Ltd) starting in this way alone to manage and grow their business.      

     The actual transfer of shares shall be effected by a transaction that different owners settled with each other, usually conclude the sale of the shareholding. You should know that the necessary condition for the validity of this contract is his notarial certification.       

      The whole procedure of merging or division of companies ends with a statement of changes in batches into the Registry Agency - Commercial Register.

      lawyer George Mitrev

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Company Registration - such as SP, LTD and PLC

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