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Estate fraud

       To not fall into the trap of real estate scammers, you must follow a few rules.        

       Should you decide that you sell real estate, it is desirable to consult a lawyer concerning clarification of ownership of the property and the required documents for sale. It is almost mandatory when the property is in joint ownership and not all documents are in one of the co-owners. Possible before being declared the property for sale, it is necessary to carry out any legal action or obtain other documents. This will avoid the likelihood accuse you to put it mildly, that mislead prospective buyers or that are scammers .         

       When you decide to take action to sell or buy a property, you should always consult a real estate agency.          

       Real estate is one of the most important filters to prevent the real estate market to commit fraud. They have well trained brokers and the services of lawyers. It crosses the possibility of fraud from the beginning.          

       Almost all frauds have become possible when transactions are made using randomly found are "sellers" and "buyers". Usually this is done by placing on offer for sale of property in a nice neighborhood or a low price, regardless of the neighborhood.          

       In a sale of real estate vulnerable part of the buyer, ie he is not aware of the ownership of the property there foreclosures or other encumbrances on it. So always before entering into a preliminary contract and giving earnest money (deposit) or the conclusion of the deed and payment, the buyer must always be paid to the lawyer not to notary - any mistake made most buyers.        

       Izledva lawyer ownership of the property, check the absence or existence of any cases foreclosures , rentals and other charges on the property. Only after the lawyer said that there are no obstacles to conclude the contract and make payment, you may proceed with this action.         Unfortunately many people, saving you the cost of these consultations, which are small compared to the price of the property, subsequently sham. In these cases, buyers have lost several tens of times larger amounts, ie entire amount paid for the property.          

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